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IT Solutions

We recommend and implement the latest IT solutions to your business or practice that help streamline business processes, improve inefficiencies and increase your bottom line.

Examples: VoIP Phone Systems, VPN links to multiple offices, centralized printing, centralized file servers, data backups and more.

AV (Audio Video)

We design and implement new and maintain existing Audio Visual components of your business or practice.  Mounted TVs, centralized AV controls, providing video and audio content throughout your business or practice and more. 

Video Security

We can give you peace of mind with your business or practice by implementing the latest in security camera equipment that makes it easy for you to keep an eye on staff members while you are in or out of the office. 

Office 365 + G-Suite (formerly Google Apps)

We assists organizations move to Office 365, hosted Exchange, Google Apps from POP3/IMAP and other platforms as well as provides consulting and solutions for email hosting. 

VoIP Phone Solutions

We install and manage many VoIP phone systems for your practice. Have multiple locations? No problem! We can help streamline your practice or business with the latest phone solutions. 

Encrypted, Secure Data Backup + Cloud Storage

Encrypted Backup for your medical practice or professional organization. Do you want complete peace of mind of your patient data being safe and secure and backed up? With local and cloud-based destinations, Our backup solutions keeps your data safe and secure and protected against today's security threats. 


Dealing with a virus, or malware infection in your computer is annoying, frustrating, and time consuming. The phishers and hackers are always on the lookout for new ways to exploit your computer and/or network. For many of them, developing these programs is their full-time job. 

Maintaining HIPAA Compliance with Technology

We provide HIPAA Compliant technology solutions and procedures to safeguard your practice and patient information in today's technological world. 

Managed Services

Break-fix technology support deprives you of the proactive management you need, but an in-house IT department is too costly. Our Managed Services give you the support you need. 

Security Awareness Training

Educating yourself and your staff is key to preventing disasters that are end user enabled. The more your employees know will help them think before clicking on potential threats to your system. We can assist you in deploying and manage training geared around security and staying safe from threats.

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